Dr. Armstrong sat down for a remote interview with The Texan’s CEO and Founder Konni Burton. In the course of their conversation, Dr. Armstrong addresses why he administered the drug, its effectiveness in treating positive cases, and what else can be done in the battle against the coronavirus.

The Resort at Texas City, a Galveston County nursing home where Armstrong serves as the medical director, recently saw as many as 87 positive cases of the coronavirus between residents and staff.

“We decided that we would try and shelter these persons in place — keep them in their nursing facility… because the mortality rate for elderly people in the hospital is extremely high,” said Armstrong. “Hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc were the only options there.”

“We figured that the safety profile for these medications was actually pretty good because they’d been around for a long time,” he continued.

Out of 38 elderly patients treated using this method, only one died of COVID-19. The treatment regimen lasts just five days.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Armstrong below:

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