Mt. Vernon, IN School Board Meeting

It’s time for everyone to stand up, raise our voices, and join the fight of being the real advocators of true science. I am in 100% support of this campaign. I hope more brave doctors and scientists would come up and slam the truth to all governments about this unprecedented global pandemic.

The point this doctor is making is that the vaccine is unnecessary, as there are other proven protocols that work better. Ask yourself why the vaccine is being pushed so hard and why there are now 23 more big pharma billionaires than before. I want to see how much Fauci has made off of the vaccine.

Breakthrough cases are through the roof, with two cruise ships of only vax’d people with cases (number was confidential). The HMS Queen Elizabeth reported an outbreak of 100 C19 cases among 3700 fully vaccinated, socially distanced, and masked sailors.

The medical personnel in hospitals that aren’t prescribing Ivermectin or Hydroxichloroquin (sp) are responsible for the death of anyone in the hospital. Ivermectin and HCQ DO work!!!!! There are literally hundred of thousands of people who can speak to the success they have had with it.

There is only one narrative being pushed and that is by the CDC and government. Wake up to “The New Normal”. All you have to do is see it. Take a moment for about 1 hour and open your mind to watching this video and visiting and you will see what all of us have already been seeing.