BREAKING: New investigation reveals Fani Willis was involved in a multi-state election fraud & money laundering enterprise.

The investigators identified in the Fani Willis campaign finance report 222 contributions to her campaign that had ZERO donor information. Many of the donors were out-of-state elderly people. When contacted about making campaign contributions to Fani Willis, one of the elderly people on the list stated that she had never made a single campaign finance contribution to her campaign.

Another interesting pattern raised significant questions. This particular “Fani Willis Campaign Contributor” was registered to vote in several states as well.

One of the out-of-state Fani Willis campaign contributors had made over 9,178 individual contributions just at the federal level since 2018.

This is the same scheme that was discovered by James O’Keefe with ActBlue. Democrats are using elderly people’s names to launder $$$ millions into campaigns across the country.

Where is the money coming from? Clearly, not people that want to be on the record.

Report by Chris Gleason – @immutablechrist