Doctors Speak on Hydroxychloroquine

Yesterday, Multiple American doctors came forward. They gave a moving press conference that many thought would make it to front page news this morning, but instead we woke up to find out it was blocked on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. as if it were some sort of conspiracy theory. Why????

None of these Doctors said this is a cure, they said it was an option. They were not spreading misinformation, they were spreading proven information that has not been given air-time, simply because the media follows an agenda AND because the solution they are speaking about was named by President Trump as seeing great results MONTHS prior… and heaven forbid he is right.

One specific doctor, Dr. Stella Immanuel who is a primary care physician in Texas, said she’s treated over 350 covid patients, and not ONE has died! Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, 80, and even 90 year old patients…all safe!

They can delete the video from us on every platform to try and censor the truth…but not here! It’s time to wake up and realize this is all a political scam. YES covid is real and people get sick, but people do not have to die!!!!

We all need to stand together. Stop the media and politicians from putting us into a big scare. Stop allowing them to control the narrative! It was also said that masks make no difference for us and are not changing our numbers, shut downs do NOT work but instead put us into economic turmoil. We realize this might not sit well with some people, but we feel so strongly and so passionate about this subject, that we want to share this with you!

Link to Transcript: Click Here

The Controversial Videos

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